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The settlement of Bodincomagus inhabited by Ligurian, stood immediately south of the Po, between Turin and Piacenza in an area characterized by frequent cultural contacts with the Celtic world. The victories achieved on indigenous people by the Romans in the first half of the second century B.C. followed, between 125 and 123, the first Roman foundations in the plain of Monferrato. The protagonist of the Romanization of the territory was the consul M. Fulvio Flacco, who divided the fertile lands between the Italian peasants. Next the Ligurian Bodincomagus, in 123 BC, the civitas of Industry was created, which had continuity of life until its destruction, which took place between the fifth and sixth century. In medieval times a church occupied the site. The excavations were conducted during the eighteenth and nineteenth century, before being taken in the twentieth century, after the uncovered areas, previously open had been buried.

The colony seems to have been characterized by the typical Roman regular city plan, oriented towards north-east/south-west and almost in a square shape (it is a "small town"). The investigated part, which it had been identified as a theater, is actually an area of worship, probably dedicated to oriental divinities Isis and Serapis. This hypothesis was formulated on the basis of the materials recovered (such as sistrum, an attribute typical of the goddess Isis). The sanctuary is designed as a courtyard; it is bordered on the south by two parallel walls that formed a semicircle, the foundations of a covered porch, and in the north by two rectangular rooms with internal subdivisions. Outside the southern hemicycle, a well of purification, houses of priests and a sacred cell in the central area have been identified. It is assumed that the monument had an original phase in the Augustus Tiberius period (early first century AD.) And then has undergone renovations (mid first century AD. – Hadrian era, which is the beginning of the II AD). In the fourth A.D. it was abandoned.

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