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Racconigi Castle

Castello di Racconigi

Founded around the eleventh century as a fortified house in the Marca of Turin, the Racconigi castle later passed to the Marquis of Saluzzo, and then to the Savoy. The original fortified structure with corner towers was transformed during the seventeenth century: in 1670, coinciding with the elevation of the castle to residence of the Savoia-Carignano, André Le Nôtre designed the garden, Guarino Guarini in 1676 began a comprehensive restructuring of the building, which was never completed. Since 1755 the work was taken up by the architect Giambattista Borra behest of Prince Louis of Savoy-Carignano: belonging to this stage, the halls on the main facade, the large porch access, the lounge characterized by the so-called "lodge of the musicians', Diana’s room and the Chinese Cabinet.

With the accession to the throne of Charles Albert, Prince of Carignano, the residence took its present appearance. In 1820 the German gardener Xavier Curten redesigned the green spaces, while the decoration and the refurbishing of the interior were entrusted to the architect Pelagius Palagi, whose taste between neoclassical and eclectic is well represented by an environment of extraordinary beauty, such as the Etrusco Cabinet. At the same time on the edge of the park, service buildings were built in neo-gothic style, greenhouses and Margaria, for the management of agricultural land belonging to the castle.

With the transfer of capital from Turin to Florence (1865) and later in Rome (1871), the Royal family gradually lost interest in the castle, at least until the early years of the twentieth century, when King Vittorio Emmanuele III chose it again as his holiday residence. The castle was purchased in 1980 by the Italian State.

The luxurious apartments are testimony of the most significant stages of transformation that the castle was in the seventeenth century until the beginning of XX: stucco, affreschi and furniture are an important view of the changing taste of the court in the course of about four hundred years. The gardens and park remain as an intact nineteenth-century structure, characterized by a romantic array system with streams, lakes, caves and monuments.



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