Castle of Serralunga d'Alba

Castello di Serralunga d'Alba

The castle overlooks the town which stands on a hill, 415 meters above sea level, and immediately strikes up the momentum and the verticality of its Gothic architecture. In the twelfth century - a time when the descendants of Bonifacio del Vasto, Bonifacio Minore and Ottone del Carretto, who were the lords of the area - a tower dominated and defended the village. After being purchased in 1190 by Manfredo di Saluzzo, the feud came into possession of Falletti di Barolo, an important noble family of the Langhe: in 1340 Falletti Petrino tore down the tower, which gave way to the current castle.

From the time of its construction to nowadays very few alterations were made to the building, which suffered no serious incidents of weapons and was never turned into a holiday home, thus keeping intact the structure of a medieval fortress. The castle places, rather than a military role, a monitoring of local activities, as evidenced by its own structure, extremely slender and taut in this way to emphasize the prestige of the family Falletti. A unique case on the Italian territory of the French donjon, it consists of several parts, including thePalacium, compact and elongated block that consists of large rooms above the other, a cylindrical tower that has the most innovative character of military architecture of the fourteenth century, a square tower and a chapel, a small room with vaulted ceiling and affreschi from the mid-fifteenth century, that depict the Martyrdom of Saint Catherine of Alexandria. Inside, some very large fireplaces and wood ceilings are the only remaining evidences of the original furniture.

The castle was bought by the state in 1949. Then the first major restoration work was initiated by the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscape in Piedmont, which it was entrusted to.


Si informa che, per causa di forza maggiore, il Castello resterà chiuso a partire dal 21 marzo 2011.

Si assicura che si sta facendo tutto il possibile per ripristinare il servizio, si prega di verificare su questo sito l'aggiornamento della situazione.


Per comunicazioni:

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Director: Laura Moro

Via del Castello, 1 - 12050 Serralunga d'Alba (CN)

Tel. 0173 61335

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